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When to go for pear shaped engagement rings?

When to go for pear shaped engagement rings?

Picking the perfect engagement ring is the bitter sweet dilemma of a lot of couples. While on the one hand they are looking for the best possible option and are looking to honor tradition on the other hand they are also looking for something that’s both unique and elegant. For couples like that pear shaped engagement rings might be the perfect solution. The cut is a hybrid of the classic cut as well as the marquise cut and it originated all the way in 1400 in Belgium. However it was most popular during the renaissance times. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when picking your pear shaped engagement rings. First that it’s not always a good idea to pick diamond pear or tear dropped shaped rings online. The reason for this being that they have 2 flaws that are often seen in the cut and they can only be spotted live with naked eye so if you are shopping over internet you might not notice them at all. However if you have a good store that has a return policy you can rely on you can go and shop for the online. 

So their first thing to look for when picking pear shaped engagement rings is that they have even shoulders. This means that they are both symmetrical and identical so that none of them is sloping a bit to the edge and hanging there. Also the other common flaw with this hybrid cut is the bow tie darker area between the shoulders that you can spot from above as well. that said as both of those are easily spotted by naked eye you are more than making a good choice if you end up getting a pear shaped engagement ring! 

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